Luxury is personal; its meaning changes from individual to individual, depending on their perspective. So, when Sunbrella® gave five interior designers free range to create luxury room vignettes for Perspective Los Angeles, the result was five very different looks.

Interior designers Katrina Hernandez and Joshua Greene limited their bedroom vignette palette to beige with a focus on texture, and the resulting emotional quality was lush, but contented sophistication.

“Luxury interior design is really about a feeling,” Hernandez said. “I think a person should feel super comforted right off the bat.”

Draped in terry-striped fabric, Vista View – Beach from Kravet, the bed elegantly stands at the center of the room, reminding us of being enveloped in a fluffy terrycloth robe.

Watch to see how the interior designers of Perspective Los Angeles, the second installment of a yearly design event showcasing luxurious Sunbrella fabrics, created diverse visions of luxury – from a hip, urban loft, an elegant tonal bedroom and a classic cabana to a feminine retreat and a modern take on an Ottoman tent.

Natasha Baradaran, who balances raising a family with running her interior design business, combined practicality with beauty in her “Lady’s Lounge,” a space where a working woman could find quiet reflection. She combined fabric textures – plush chenille, flat canvas, textured sheer and a nubby weave – to create moments of intrigue.

“It’s about making beautiful things that you can use every day,” Baradaran said.

Chad McPhail took comfort to an extreme with his Turkish tent featuring a long sofa stacked with pillows that showcase texture and pattern. McPhail didn’t shy away from upholstering his sofa in white, textured fabric, Taos – Snow by Kerry Joyce, because he knows it’s backed by legendary Sunbrella durability.

“Design shouldn’t feel like you can’t sit on the furniture or that you can’t enjoy your things,” McPhail said. “Even if you have fantastic furniture and collectable pieces it should still be a livable space.”

Max Humphrey took a similar approach, grounding his vignette in a sectional covered in Ritz – Sand by Link, a white fabric with a soft, quilted texture. But Humphrey’s look diverges from McPhail’s take on Eastern motifs; he accents his sectional with pillows that mix preppy and urban patterns.

The result is a totally different vibe, but the same comfort in knowing that durable Sunbrella fabric will perform under everyday living.

Interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper noted the versatility of Sunbrella. Her cabana vignette harkened back to mid 20th century elegance centered on a whimsical bamboo sofa that combined plush upholstery, Birds of Paradise Macaw by Holly Hunt, with white Sunbrella fringe.

“I love customization,” said interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper. “I think that’s a luxury in and of itself. I think it’s fantastic that you have five designers who came up with completely different storylines, completely different vignettes … and Sunbrella bridged the gap.”

What would you create unbound by any rules? Share your thoughts in the comments below.