A sofa upholstered in your favorite fabric is a welcoming napping spot as is the chaise lounge on your porch. An added element that can tie these two locations together is the added comfort of a Sunbrella throw blanket.

Alex discovered Sunbrella throws during a recent shopping trip to Boxwood Garden. Sunbrella throws, made by Textillery Weavers, are available there in a variety of colors and textures offering a warm and stylish accent for indoor and outdoor lounging.

The best feature of the Sunbrella throws is that they are as durable as any Sunbrella fabric you would use on your furnishings. So feel free to snuggle up with one on your sofa, with the dog and a mug of hot chocolate, by the pool, in the still, crisp night outside with friends. No matter the circumstances, Sunbrella throws are soft, luxurious and highly cleanable. After your most boisterous dinner party, simply wash the Sunbrella throw in the washing machine. Because it is preshrunk you can even put it in the dryer.

So pick a Sunbrella throw in a color and texture that make s you happy. Warm yellow? Green stripes? Or Alex’s favorite, grey with specks of white. And snuggle up indoors or out!

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