Whether you’re a woman or a man, the bedroom should be a soft retreat from the world. In the loft’s bedroom, Alex created spa-like opulence by draping the four-poster bed with Sunbrella sheer fabric, which continued along the windows to filter the afternoon sun.

A creamy braided Sunbrella Renaissance rug covers the bedroom floor and even the walls have an added element to soften the space.

Alex took a unique approach and had Sunbrella fabric paperbacked – essentially turning it into wallpaper – and hung it on two walls of the bedroom. The fabric, Rib Natural, is a slightly different shade of white than the painted walls of the loft and, when sunlight hits it, the texture emerges to provide additional softness and surface interest to the room.

While not all fabrics are suitable for paperbacking, by working with a designer you can bring this level of detail to your home.

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