We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: not every room is a perfect rectangle. If it was, interior design would be easy and formulaic. Every home has some kind of odd space to be conquered.

Alex likes to use the word “considered” when talking about design. When it comes to the odd spaces in the loft, he is working hard to make them feel considered as part of the overall design. This means not only tying them into the décor, but also giving them a clear function.

Odd space No.1 is the space under the stairs. We’re still not sure why there is a half-accessible door there, but Alex is determined to make it work. This space will become a reading nook, perfect for an escape with a novel or stack of home décor magazines. We look forward to seeing what kind of comfy chair Alex will select for this space.

Odd space No. 2 is the dining room. Right now it is painted an odd shade of green, making it feel small. It’s really just a niche, a few feet wide and not large enough to be a separate room. Alex plans to paint it the same color as the living space so that it blends into the overall room and feels more expansive. A modern dining table and chairs will tie into the living room design.

Odd space No.3 is the master bedroom upstairs with an imposing concrete beam overhead. We’ve already seen Alex conquer the ductwork in the room. Soon he will place a four-poster bed in the room and drape it with Sunbrella sheers to soften the hard edges.

The real excitement will be seeing how these odd spaces work together to create the cohesive design Alex has in mind.

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