In this edition of the Sunbrella Durability Challenge, our fearless Sunbrella quality control technicians take on two messy tween girls determined to leave their mark on white Sunbrella indoor upholstery fabric using their weapons of choice: chocolate syrup, colorful markers and blueberry topping.

For many families, combating spills and stains from active kids and pets can be like a Wild West showdown. How will our pristine sofa upholstered in stain resistant Sunbrella fabric stand up to our first chocolate syrup-slinging tween outlaw? A few spritzes of tap water and the fresh spill simply wipes away. The second shot at staining the sofa upholstered in white Sunbrella fabric using bright red ketchup is also foiled by the immediate removal of the offending condiment and a quick spray of tap water.

The battle rages on when the desperado tween girls sully the Sunbrella upholstered throw pillows using colorful markers. Luckily, our technicians perform a counter-attack on the graffiti tags and scribbles using a simple mixture of soap and water, thus restoring the throw pillows to their original vibrancy.

In a final attempt to make sure that beautiful sofa never sees the light of day again, the girls bring out the big guns: blueberry topping. Good thing Sunbrella fabric features a stain release finish that causes the blueberry juice to bead on the fabric surface. Again, a quick spray with plain tap water rinses the juice away.

Tackling messes is part of a parent’s everyday life. With kid friendly and stain resistant Sunbrella fabric in your corner, neither you nor your children will ever cry over spilled ketchup again. Our work here is done.

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