Nothing says Southern California like soothing, citrus-hued sunsets. That golden light receding into the Pacific Ocean makes life seem grander.

Our signature cocktail, The Sunbrella Speakeasy, created by the Beverage Director of Heirloom LA, draws inspiration from the sun’s daily curtain call and harkens back to the luxury and opulence of old Hollywood.

Just as our interior designers have created perfect pairings in their vignettes, The Sunbrella Speakeasy, combines flavors effortlessly. You’ll find a mix of sweet and tart, tangy and bitter with a focus on essences and aromas straight out of the orchards of Southern California.

The Sunbrella Speakeasy
Combine the vodka, apricot brandy and Aperol®, lemon juice and rosemary syrup with ice in a cocktail shaker. Agitate, then strain into martini glasses. Finish with two dashes of orange bitters and an orange slice.

1.5oz Vodka
.5oz Apricot Brady
.5oz Aperol
.75oz Lemon Juice
.5oz Rosemary Syrup
2 Dashes Orange Bitters
1 orange slice

Mix one up and enjoy the taste of a California sunset this weekend! Join the conversation on social media by following #PerspectiveLA.

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