City living brings a special energy to it: high rises teeming with life, restaurants and shows nearby, and the cacophony of street sounds. The rhythm of the city entrances and enlivens, but sometimes even the hardiest city dweller needs a change of perspective, a retreat from the hustle bustle.

That was Alex’s thinking when he selected greenery for the loft’s two patios. Clustered in groups of threes and fours, potted boxwoods soften the patios and bring a little nature to the city setting. And their small, round leaves create their own tonal world focused on texture.

Upstairs on the private patio, the boxwoods form a cozy border around the daybed, allowing Alex to place it off the wall.

On the lower patio, a cluster of herbs – rosemary and mint – and a small fern form the centerpiece on the dining table. Your eye is drawn to the variation in leave size, shape and hue of green, creating a textural world similar to the one Alex explored inside the loft.

And in addition to being beautiful, herbs are functional. Snip a small branch of the rosemary to flavor a roasted chicken or pinch a few leaves of mint for your Friday evening mojito.

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