On episode 6 of The Beach House, Part III of Perspective New England, find out how rugs have become a source of marital tension at the Hall’s beach house. With sand tracked in from the beach, two frolicking pups and Greg getting a little overzealous while cleaning the front porch with bleach water, the beach house rugs have seen better days.

Greg and Stacie have given up on having anything but the most basic rugs and expect to have to replace them every season due to the extreme wear and tear.

That is until interior designer Kate Jackson recommends Sunbrella Renaissance rugs from Colonial Mills, just down the road in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Braided with Sunbrella yarn from the Renaissance Collection, which contains 50 percent recycled Sunbrella fiber, these rugs are as durable and easy to clean as stain resistant Sunbrella fabric.

If the rugs get dirty from sandy feet and accidental spills, the Halls can get them clean again by hosing them down outside.

Join Kate as she visits Colonial Mills to see how Sunbrella rugs are made: from yarn color selection, winding onto a bobbin, braiding and binding. For the living room, she selects a rug in creamy Papyrus yarn with a border bound in Sunbrella Canvas Tuscan fabric to pull together the room’s color scheme and define the living room space. Watch episode two to see the living room design come together.

Upstairs in the girls’ room, Kate selects a rug in Sea, a pale green yarn that will define the room’s lounging/play area and softly echo room’s more vibrant blue and green accents. See how Kate designed the girls’ room in episode 5.

During her visit, Kate also gets advice from Meredith Thayer, creative director with Colonial Mills, on the design of a custom rug for the beach house foyer. Kate wants this rug to speak to the beach house location, as well as the family’s nautical experiences. Watch to see the custom design unveiled and be sure to watch episode 7 to see the Hall’s reaction.

Learn about the rugs Kate used in the beach house in the décor guide.

The Beach House video series is part of Perspective New England, a design journey exploring the versatility of Sunbrella fabrics for every aspect of your life—at home, on the water or on an adventure. Also check out The Rhode Yacht, a 1977 Airstream Argosy transformed by Sunbrella, and The Real Yacht, a Morris Yachts M36 brought to life with Sunbrella. Follow the entire project on Twitter and Instagram @Sunbrella and #PerspectiveNE.