Draperies have two very distinct roles in interior design: decorative and functional.

The living room of the loft – stretching two stories high – is the main living space and needs light. The draperies in this room will be mainly functional since we need the natural light and won’t open and close them very often. In the bedroom, which has west-facing windows, the draperies have to be functional so they can block light and create a peaceful sleeping area.

The bedroom and living room are open to each other, and although they’re separate, from a design standpoint, Alex is using the same drapery elements to make them feel cohesive. He will use the same Sunbrella sheer – Mist Snow – and drapery fabric – Spectrum Dove – throughout the space to achieve this feeling.

Consistency is key to making a space feel cohesive. If you use a different fabric in every part of a space as open as the loft, it chops it up and makes it feel smaller. Using a common fabric throughout the space preserves the openness and maintains consistency.

So, is it possible to have both decoration and functionality? Yes, and for Alex the answer to doing that is in the Sunbrella high performance fabric he is using for draperies. No fading and no deterioration, making his design decisions just a little bit easier.

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