Is durability the new luxury? That’s the focus of Part 1 of Editor TV’s report from the Sunbrella® and ELLE Décor Interior Design Event hosted by Bjork Studio in Atlanta.

The event brought three Perspective New York interior design vignettes to Atlanta for a discussion of one of the hottest topics in interior design: how to create luxurious spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

For Brian Patrick Flynn, principal of Flynnside Out Productions, using durable, stain resistant Sunbrella fabrics meant not having to worry about spills in a space that’s elegant and modern.

“You can go super, super casual so you don’t have to worry about something getting spilled on, but you can still have that high end, formal look,” Flynn said. “You invest in really good fabric. You spend the money right and you have something that’s going to last you decades.”

Drew McGukin, principal of Drew McGukin Interiors, gobbled up Sunbrella fabrics available to him at the New York Design Center before creating a playful, modern room.

“There [is] a lot of push and pull and great tension,” he said of the interplay of patterns in his vignette. “The colors felt different and interesting; almost oddly matched, but in a way that worked.”

Durability and sophistication go hand-in-hand for these designers, whose clients expect the spaces in their homes to stand of to everyday life and look beautiful.

“I think the ideas of sustainability and durability are prominent in everyone’s life today,” said Alex Gaston, director of design for Mark Cunningham Inc. “It’s definitely prominent in design.”

In Part 2 of Editor TV’s report , learn what people are saying about Alex’s, Brian’s and Drew’s vignettes.

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