On episode three of The Beach House, Part III of Perspective New England, interior designer Kate Jackson tackles fading and durability issues in the beach house dining room using fade resistant fabrics and retractable awnings, and creates a seamless design that connects the kitchen and dining room to the living room and backyard entertaining spaces.

Fade Resistant Fabrics and Retractable Awnings Diffuse the Sun

The main challenge in the beach house dining room is excessive sunlight and the morning glare from the sun reflecting off the water. To help diffuse the sunlight without obstructing the ocean view, Kate proposes two solutions: window treatments using fade resistant Sunbrella sheers in Mist Snow and retractable awnings on the exterior of the home.

The trick to installing retractable window awnings that look chic and sophisticated is to choose an awning fabric that complements the exterior of the home and that doesn’t compete with the interior design. Kate chose Silica Stone, a pale gray awning fabric that blends effortlessly with the weathered cedar shake siding of the beach house exterior.

And best of all, the retractable window awnings can be lowered and raised via remote control, making them as convenient as they are functional.

Beach House Dining Rooms Require Cleanable Fabric

With more families opting for open floor plans, the kitchen and dining room have become the primary gathering spaces for both family time and entertaining guests. Dining rooms are no longer just for special occasions; they must stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life in addition to the inevitable spilled wine when friends come to visit.

That is why choosing stain resistant and cleanable fabric for dining room chair upholstery is so important. Even if your family is messy and you love to entertain, don’t be afraid to choose light-colored upholstery like Sailcloth Salt. Kate shops for dining room chairs at Cabot House, where she opts for Villa Dining Chairs by the MT Company covered in Sailcloth Salt with Canvas Navy contrast welting. The blue welting will connect the design from the dining room to the kitchen island bar stools to the living room. With the many customization options available for upholstered dining room chairs, from contrast welting to tufting to buttons, finding the perfect chair that complements the overall design has never been easier.

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The Beach House video series is part of Perspective New England, a design journey exploring the versatility of Sunbrella fabrics for every aspect of your life—at home, on the water or on an adventure. Also check out The Rhode Yacht, a 1977 Airstream Argosy transformed by Sunbrella, and The Real Yacht, a Morris Yachts M36 brought to life with Sunbrella. Follow the entire project on Twitter and Instagram @Sunbrella and #PerspectiveNE.