One of Alex’s mottos in design is to always ask questions. When it came to the loft’s upstairs master bedroom, asking questions about the HVAC ducting paid off in a big way.

Alex’s overall design calls for toning down some of the industrial elements in the loft, including the metal ducting. In the bedroom, altering the ducting significantly influenced the design and Alex’s ability to achieve his vision of a glamorous, sexy oasis.

By consulting with an HVAC expert, he quickly learned that it would be both inexpensive and easy to remove the ducting and replace it with a simple wall-mounted air vent. This one change allows Alex to use the Architecture bed from Room & Board draped in Sunbrella sheer fabric, a key element in the bedroom’s design.

Whether it’s paint color, molding style or the fabric for your sofa, don’t be afraid to ask questions, challenge conventional thinking and see your options broaden beyond expectation.

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