It’s every interior designer’s fantasy: Take a blank slate and create a space of their dreams. No client to say no. Color choices all theirs. Furniture styles drawn from their own imaginations.

 Only one rule: Use as many stylish, sophisticated and durable Sunbrella textiles as possible.

 And Perspective New York, an inspired celebration of Sunbrella performance and style, was born.

We booked the 6,000-square-foot space at the Highline Stages and invited a curated list of a dozen interior designers to create a vignette of their dreams. Their drawings and inspiration boards arrived full of color, pattern and texture, all with a story to tell.

From this list, we selected five vignettes to fill our special New York location, where we hosted a party to celebrate interior design. Soon our blank slate began to take shape: carpenters built walls, sound and lights were installed, furniture, rugs and accessories arrived.

Enter our interior designers, each with a different perspective on Sunbrella. Their visions of luxury and sophistication incorporate Sunbrella fabrics on custom designed and reupholstered vintage furniture, rugs, draperies, wall coverings, ottomans and end tables. There were also upholstered coffee tables, floor pillows and even a teepee.

As the vignettes came together, the rhythm and energy of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood couldn’t help but spill into the space. Into this controlled chaos, five unique stories emerged. One tells a tale of Sunbrella pattern and color luxuriously layered and juxtaposed. In another, pastels play a starring role, perfectly arranged in a modern space.

There’s Sunbrella in black and white, a vision of mid-century Hollywood glamour. In another space, find relaxed luxury in a neutral palette of Sunbrella fabrics. Kids are welcome to play in a vignette bedecked in jewel-colored Sunbrella fabrics.

The interior designers put the final touches on their vignettes, as the tinkle of wine glasses emanates from a busy scrum of caterers, for there’s a party about to happen. Soon the lights dimmed, music set the mood and guests started arriving.

Before long, chatter filled the space as each vignette’s story was told. Soon guests became part of the narrative, taking a rest on a sofa with a wine glass in hand. Selfies abound and Instagrammers share their own perspectives on the night with the world.