When you hear the words “high-end interior design,” do you also think durable, stain-resistant and kid-friendly? If you’ve never believed that luxury fabrics can also be durable fabrics, you may just need a slight change of perspective.

That’s exactly what happened when Sunbrella asked five top interior designers to create their dream room using only Sunbrella fabrics for Perspective New York, an inspired celebration of Sunbrella performance and style. The designers each designed their custom interiors to suit their styles and preferences.

Luxury fabrics that are also durable and inviting? Yes, it is possible.
Interior designers Alex Gaston, Drew McGukin, Brian Paquette, Brian Patrick Flynn and Kate Jackson discovered that luxury fabrics from Sunbrella can help create spaces that feel purposeful, calm, soft, durable and inviting. “Good design,” said interior designer Drew McGukin, “is going to make your friends never want to leave. It’s going to make your lover, your husband, your wife, want to curl up with you.”

Not only do the five Perspective New York vignettes draw you in and make you want to stay, they each encapsulate a different design personality. Through carefully sourced Sunbrella fabrics, vintage and new upholstered furniture, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork and cozy accessories, each vignette showcases the interior designer’s aesthetic and the myriad of ways Sunbrella fabrics can be used in interior design.

A New Perspective
For interior designer Alex Gaston, his Perspective New York vignette made him realize he can choose only Sunbrella fabrics in high-end residential design projects and still create “a great mix, a great feel and a high-end look.” Interior designer Drew McGukin also looks for dimension in luxury fabrics. His effortless layering of patterns, colors and textures shows that Sunbrella fabric can be both fun and fresh, and maybe even a little edgy.

For a more minimalist take on Sunbrella, interior designer Brian Paquette created a sense of calm livability in his Perspective New York vignette. “I want people to see Sunbrella in a different light,” said Paquette. “That it can feel and look very high-end, but be durable and fit for real life.”

There is nothing more “real life” than designing for clients who have children and dogs –as in the Perspective New England Beach House by interior designer Kate Jackson. A mother of three, Jackson knows from experience how important durable fabrics are for the wear and tear of everyday family life.

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn agrees that performance is always a top priority, even in high-end design. “A room can be beautiful and timeless and classic and elegant,” said Flynn, “but if the textiles aren’t going to allow you to truly live in a space, I don’t know if the space is that practical.”

Purposeful and Practical Interior Design
High-end interior design can be both purposeful and practical and the Perspective New York inspired designers to push the boundaries of creativity. To learn more about the fabrics used in each vignette, download our Perspective New York Décor Guide.