If you have a space in your home that has you stumped, take time to get a feel for it and suss out its story. Creating a story will guide you to a design.

For Alex, the space under the stairs in the loft called out for a story. The space harkens back to his childhood memories of making forts and reading books on rainy days. His design will reflect those memories: a comfy chair and ottoman for reading or relaxing. The nook also has a good view of the rest of the loft, allowing whoever sits in the chair to get a new perspective on the overall space.

For you, it may be a porch that taps memories of lemonade on hot summer days that results in a swinging bench stacked with brightly colored pillows. Or it could be a porthole window that makes a nautical theme feel just right.

Whatever it is, don’t rush the design. Let the space speak to you and the design will follow naturally.

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