If you want a space to feel timeless, don’t be afraid to mix old and new décor. When you marry together objects from different time periods and styles, they create an intriguing design conversation that makes a room feel whole and tells a story of the people who live there.

In the loft, Alex selected several Mid-Century modern, vintage furniture pieces that work in tandem with new furniture like the CR Laine sofa in the living room and the Architecture bed upstairs. The best vintage pieces have a story to tell in their construction and styling.

You can update that story by reupholstering the piece with modern fabric like Alex did with the pair of Paul Frankl club chairs he selected for the living room. He replaced the chairs’ thin cushions that had been covered in an off-white fabric with thicker cushions covered in Sunbrella fabric – Parkway Carbon – that repeats the design theme in alternating grey stripes.

The chairs have clean lines that connect with other elements in the loft, such as the stair railing and window frames, and Alex’s design repeats these simple lines with different objects throughout the loft. The new Sunbrella fabric adds to the chairs’ story and connects them to Alex’s overall design theme.

No one wants their home to feel like everything came from a showroom display – you want it to represent you and your interests. Don’t be afraid to mix old and new furniture and found objects from your travels with new things purchased at a retail store.

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