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Alex Gaston

Alex Gaston


Alex is not only the star of Perspective Atlanta, he is also the Director of Design for Mark Cunningham Inc., a high-end boutique design firm in New York City.

Unique and uninhibited, his deep knowledge of design and innate ability to pair seemingly diverse components to produce one cohesive vision is what makes him a strong and successful force in the design industry. His sense of humor, humility and passion is what makes you feel like you’ve known him forever.

Alex appreciates a wide range of design styles, from the most modern spaces to old world traditional. Preferring to focus on the integrity of a space versus a particular aesthetic, Alex is inspired by the energy, history, art and architecture of New York City as well as the international locales where he can often be found catering to his many residential, hospitality and retail clients.

Whether tap dancing around inevitable issues or waxing poetic on the intricacies of sofa construction, Alex is at home in the world of design. His only fear is whether or not people will like his designs – which of course, they always do.

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