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New England

Real Yacht

The Morris M36 Sailboat

For ocean lovers, there's nothing like the wind in your hair and sun on your face during a day out sailing. The real yacht showcases the many ways Sunbrella fabrics can be used both above and below deck on a Morris M36 sailboat to create a stylish but durable space that feels just like home.

See how Designer Kate Gable Seremeth uses high-end decorative fabrics by Richard Frinier for Sunbrella for a touch of elegance that can withstand the tough sailing environment.

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Meet the team behind the design.

Kate Gable Seremeth

Kate Gable Seremeth

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Doug Metchick

Doug Metchick

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Get a closer look at the design thinking and inspiration behind this project, and discover a new way to see the beauty of Sunbrella.

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