What do a vintage revival of a 1977 Argosy Airstream Trailer and a newly built M36 luxury daysailer yacht have in common?

A. Luxury yacht interior by Morris Yachts.
B. Durable and stylish high-performance fabric by Sunbrella.
C. A sense of freedom, adventure and a carefree attitude.
D. All of the above.

At the 2014 Vineyard Cup on Martha’s Vineyard, The Rhode Yacht and The Real Yacht are back together again like old friends reunited. With similar design roots – both The Rhode Yacht and The Real Yacht feature luxury yacht interiors by Morris Yachts and stylish and durable fabrics from Sunbrella – we wanted to find out what makes each unique.

According to Doug Metchick, CEO of Morris Yachts, the Rhode Yacht and The Real Yacht may have their differences, but with similar design makeup, how would they not get along? While the Rhode Yacht is like the fun-loving best friend who hits the dance floor with reckless abandon and a genuine love of life, The Real Yacht is like a beautiful, magical woman, the love of your life. Both offer more freedom than you can ever imagine and both are more than ready to head out on an adventure of a lifetime.

The Rhode Yacht and The Real Yacht are part of Perspective New England, a design journey exploring the versatility of Sunbrella fabrics for every aspect of your life—at home, on the water or on an adventure. You can see the transformation of The Rhode Yacht and The Real Yacht by visiting the episodes page. Join the adventure by checking out related blog posts and following along on Twitter and Instagram @Sunbrella and #PerspectiveNE.