The second episode of The Real Yacht, Part II of Perspective New England, takes to the sea on the newly designed and christened M36, a luxury daysailer from Morris Yachts. Built in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the M36 model, the yacht features beautiful, comfortable and durable fabrics from Sunbrella.

There is nothing quite like setting sail and connecting with nature to bring balance back to your life. An escape from everyday distractions and stressors, a daysailer appeals to a new generation of sailing enthusiasts who crave the comforts of home on the water.

The M36 truly exceeds expectations when it comes to creature comforts on the yacht. The below deck design features soft gray with pops of nautical navy fabrics for a look that is as sophisticated and luxurious as it is durable. Decorative pillows in a variety of gray and white striped fabrics by Richard Frinier for Sunbrella add interest to the interior’s design; because the pillows are made with fade-resistant and mildew-resistant Sunbrella fabric, they transition beautifully from below deck to above.

The gray of the below deck upholstery is also carried into the dodger fabric, but with a unique twist. The dodger features new Sunbrella marine fabric, Crest Ash, a flecked pattern on a gray background, with navy blue edging that plays off the textural Spectrum Indigo fabric of the exterior upholstery. Custom pillows feature new Sunbrella embroidery in abstract shapes of navy, green and white that recall the surrounding New England landscape. Find all the details in the Real Yacht Decor Guide.

There’s hardly a care in the world when you are day sailing off the coast of New England. With the comforts of home surrounding you and beautiful vistas to behold, you can relax and simply sail away.

Come sail with me on a carefree sea.
Leave your troubles on land.
Go out with the tide
Let the stars be our guide.

The Real Yacht video series is part of Perspective New England, a design journey exploring the versatility of Sunbrella fabrics for every aspect of your life—at home, on the water or on an adventure. Be sure to watch The Real Yacht Episode 1 and explore all three parts of Perspective New England through videos and blog posts. Follow the entire project on Twitter and Instagram @Sunbrella and #PerspectiveNE.