You see it in a store: that object that catches your eye and makes your heart swoon. Sometimes it’s the unexpected find that makes it special. Beyond its color or shape, it speaks to you on another level.

Either way, you have to have it because you know it will fit in perfectly in your home.

That’s how Alex felt when he spotted the polished concrete side tables at Kolo Collection. The tables met all his requirements for durability, size and color, but it was something more that attracted him to these pieces, made by Dex Industries exclusively for Kolo Collection.

The simplicity of their shape – smooth cylinders with rounded edges – spoke to Alex’s design ethos. Sometimes simplifying shapes is a form of editing in design and Alex knew this side table could achieve that on the upstairs patio.

To Alex, the side tables just felt right for the upstairs patio. Sometimes it’s about an innate feeling that a piece will work in a space that matters most.

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