A squirt of ketchup.
A drizzle of chocolate sauce.
One glass of red wine.
A spoonful of blueberry topping.

No, these are not the components of a new fad diet. Rather, they are the weapons that spectators wielded against durable Sunbrella fabrics at the starting line of the Newport Bermuda Race at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island.

The Rhode Yacht arrived early to set up camp and take stock of its defensive arsenal against spills and stains. Who will come out on top: the Sunbrella fabrics Cleaning Team or spilled red wine?

Fortunately for the sailors hitting the open ocean on the 635-mile race to Bermuda, Sunbrella fabrics can withstand the harsh and unforgiving climate of the sea. And fortunately, for our messy spectators, the removal of a fresh spill of chocolate sauce is as easy as spritzing the stain with water and rubbing the offending residue away.*

Need to see it to believe it? Our Sunbrella cleaning experts took on the challenge in the second episode of Perspective New England (above).

If you missed the first episode, the Rhode Yacht received a makeover perfectly suited to the vintage character of the Airstream trailer. The Perspective New England journey has only just begun. Stay tuned for two more design stories on the sea with the Real Yacht and at home in the Beach House.

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*Stains that are left to soak in or dry on the surface of the fabric may require soap and a soft bristle brush. For more information, check out theĀ full cleaning instructions for Sunbrella fabrics.