Color, texture or pattern? That’s the question to which intrepid host Kelly Edwards seeks answers in conversations with our interior designers about where they start when selecting fabric in Part 2 of EditorTV’s coverage of Perspective LA panel discussion, “The Fabric of Luxury Design” .

“The feel of the fabrics, mostly the feel in terms of luxury that’s the starting point of the design,” said Chad McPhail, who created a vignette inspired by his travels to Istanbul, Turkey.

Erika Islas, EMI Interior Design, Inc., loved how McPhail made his vignette feel very worldly.

“Even though it was inspired by Istanbul, it definitely could be a room that you could see anywhere here in California, in Mexico, the Mediterranean,” she said.

Natasha Baradaran starts with color first often because that is what clients typically hone in on as their first expression for the space. Indeed, using herself as her client for her Perspective LA vignette, she started by selecting a coral hue—her favorite color—for the sofa.

Max Humphrey pays homage to the architecture of a space first, after which his designs could spring forth from a single fabric.

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