Nature reveals the beauty found in the simplicity of a tonal palette, whether it’s a snow covered mountain landscape, a mossy riverbank or a stark desert.

Katrina Hernandez and Joshua Greene of New York City-based interior design firm Hernandez Greene took this dictum to heart when they decided to limit themselves to using just four Sunbrella fabrics in their Perspective Los Angeles vignette.

“We channeled [the interior designer synonymous with California style] Michael Taylor, who worked in natural and tonal colors and brought the outdoors inside,” Hernandez said. “We wanted a livable, comfortable, soft bedroom.”

Perspective Los Angeles is the second installment of a yearly design event showcasing luxurious Sunbrella® fabrics through the eyes of top interior designers.

Taylor often worked his magic in 1980s era Palm Springs, so that’s where Hernandez and Greene found their inspiration. Their fabric selections and accessories that emphasize textures combine with lush greenery for a sumptuous effect.

“We envision someone putting on a beautiful caftan, sipping a cocktail, and then slipping inside to their gorgeous bedroom,” Greene said.

A bed draped in Vista View – Beach from Kravet, a beige fabric with terry stripes, that’s lined with Sunbrella Sailcloth Sailor, is the glamorous centerpiece of the room. Ritz – Flax from Link provides a nubby texture on the walls, headboard and bedspread.

Pillows in Kiowa – Desert from Pindler have a Southwestern motif and a knot detail reminiscent of the 1980s Navaho moment.

A wall screen, plaster lamps and stone camel statuettes play off the fabric textures. A Sunbrella rug in Papyrus from Colonial Mills finishes the space in a soft, inviting braid.

How do you use texture to create moments of intrigue?