Don’t judge a chair by its cover. Or its cushion. Or its tattered, old pillow.

If you love a piece of furniture, whether it’s an overstuffed sofa that beckons you to open a good book or a wicker patio chair perfect for an evening cocktail, you can always customize it to fit your taste perfectly.

There are a million ways to alter the look of a piece of furniture just by changing the upholstery fabric. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect match.

Many furniture manufacturers offer exclusive fabric collections. Another option is to buy fabric by the yard to create the perfect furniture-fabric marriage and help the piece fit into the rest of your room

The Sunbrella Kiosk, a display of fabric swatches found in a variety of furniture and patio stores, is a convenient fabric-by-the-yard option.

The Sunbrella Kiosk allows you to touch and feel a wide variety of fabrics, and with so many swatches, it’s also a good way to see fabric groupings for inspiration on how multiple fabrics could complement each other in a single space. Once you’ve found the fabric to cover that favorite piece of furniture, it’s easy to find complementary fabric for decorative pillows and other accent pieces.

With all the colors, textures and patterns available, Sunbrella fabric allows you to celebrate your personal style in any space inside or out.

Visit the Sunbrella Where to Buy page and select Fabric by the Yard to find a Sunbrella Kiosk location near you.

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